Committed to Bettering the World

I am not a scholar or a philosopher,
​I do not belong to a particular religious faith, nor do I represent a specific political party in my beliefs, what I am is just one human being that respects the rights of all human beings to live in peace and to prosper. ​​Surely intelligent beings have the capacity not to destroy one another.

Renewables, Sustainability, Efficiency

My career is in renewable energy. The future of solar energy that is measured to fill batteries and store energy, to run a building through automation. Measure the load and work backwards to NET ZERO. Freedom begins with energy, with electricity we can accomplish anything - we can make water, grow food, warm ourselves - anything is possible. The easiest form of energy is solar, it lasts for 20 years.



My first peace plan pertaining to the Israeli / Palestinian Conflict was called, A Bridge for the World
and was submitted in 2009 to Israel and the Palestinians, posted in 2013. Through time, I have come
to the understanding that this area is more complicated, so I am revising some aspects of my original peace plan. For the last 11 years, I have been working on a new plan for this area and the entire planet.
My world peace plan is to be called, Peace of a Planet - changing borders across the world.