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To come to peace, it is clearly evident that all parties must compromise to some extent, but certainly all parties should also benefit. Compromise has always been at the heart of true peace, my vision is that there will be a new transformation in our minds and that all countries will elevate their views in this matter. Surely, we all can rise to live peacefully on this beautiful blue planet that we call home.  

My first peace plan called - A Bridge for the World for the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict was submitted in 2009; posted in 2013. I have learned this area is much more complicated, so I am now revising some aspects of this original plan. My upcoming world peace plan will be called Peace of a Planet.  

A peace plan with interactive software that circles the globe and shows new borders and countries. The true purpose is not to offend, but prosper for all. The world needs more countries, freedom of peoples. The world needs to make the straight border lines, crooked.

Peace of a Planet

The Plan

The most important thing is to Acheive World Peace

at Present

We live in a world where the our leaders are the wicked and the blind are the masses, These simple tricks did not begin with us, this neglect has been in power for the ages.   

Is it a secret to know that unregulated capitalism, or totalitarian communism or socialism, or religions interpreting the divine, always fail. They are all merely a small mechanism to enslave our minds and souls. Have we not considered the prospect of a lie. There is no coincidence, merely the illusion of the manipulator. While the planet is in peril.

Hope Spirit

The belief that all life is precious. No one is greater, than anyone else. Life includes the animals, the land, the water, the air, space. The higher power is in you. You get to decide. Love is the key to wisdom. The pursuit of knowledge begins everyday you wake up.